This is my plot line

Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 6.06.15 PM

So, I put in my first post that I have this idea for a sci-fi novel called Day One, about a group of people who take a one way trip to Mars. This is, of course, a fairly typical sci-fi plot line…and then I saw this today:

And this:

So, one of the people I wanted to send to Mars was a “renegade Reno cowboy sheep rancher,” who having no interest in his own life on earth (divorced, mediocre dad, mediocre job) decides he’ll go to Mars because…why not? But, he gets sent along with some of the most extraordinary artists, scientists, doctors, and is constantly wondering (though not too heavily) why he would be sent with this group. After some early  failures and difficulties of the crew , he has to take on some of the responsibilities that this group was originally designed to perform including documenting the trip for those people back home.


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