About me

College English & Literature instructor, curriculum designer, and higher ed specialist interested in forming new edtech ventures, especially interested in developing new ways to interface with the Humanities. Working on small digital projects for implementing creative, effective, and affordable curriculum in the Humanities. Particularly interested in ways that technology can help support schools most in need of strong but affordable educational solutions.

Currently working towards a PhD in Literature. I have a profound love of the classroom. My best work experience is a three way tie between Friends of Island Academy in New York City where I taught students in and out of the juvenile justice system, teaching English and Literature at Diablo Valley College, and cooking for people in all sorts of events. All of these things, surprisingly (or not), tend to require a similar attitude toward and threshold of hard work….and I love it.

Dream jobs (I have a few!): starting a program that brings teachers together with new projects, curriculums, and technologies; building an immersion school for students most in need or most underserved; working for organizations that outreach to education programs or build education programs; college boot-camps; rural education project development.




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